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Microsoft Visual Foxpro 9.0 Dfpug-Portal
microsoft visual foxpro 9.0 dfpug-portal
FTP, SFTP, or other Web interactions to satisfy even the finickiest customer situations? Run up against the not-so-new Excel 2007 XLSX format and find it breaks your modules where previous versions of Excel worked fine? Ever wished for a smart grid that made it easier to develop data entry grids and made it so it is less painful to implement? Yeah, me too. This session is going to go through the best of the best of Craig's FLLs and other tools, show you how what they do, and how simple it is to look like a.

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New Oop And Language Features Visual Foxpro 9.0 Doug Hennig
new oop and language features visual foxpro 9.0 doug hennig
. since its release. However, in many ways, I think VFP 9 is an even bigger upgrade. The reporting engine alone underwent. papers:     SQL enhancements: see Tamar Granor’s “Using SQL in Visual FoxPro 9.0.” Data enhancements: David Anderson has two white papers on this.

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Visual Foxpro 5.0 John Petersen Dfpug-Portal
visual foxpro 5.0 john petersen dfpug-portal
Becoming familiar with a new class library can be difficult because of the way in which code is distributed among the methods within a class and among the class's parents and children. We currently have to read the method code for every method in a class hierarchy, similar to the sleuthing required with a complex set of nested procedure files. Finding code that 'you know is in there, somewhere' is just as difficult. For example, I once had to modify a certain behavior in a form class. I had written the .

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Integrating Visual Foxpro 8.0 And Surround Scm Installing The
integrating visual foxpro 8.0 and surround scm installing the
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Database Events Visual Foxpro 7.0 Doug Hennig
database events visual foxpro 7.0 doug hennig
A DBC with events turned on is not backward-compatible with previous versions of VFP, nor can it be accessed through the VFP ODBC driver. Of course, you can always turn events back off again, but only from within VFPIf you want to maintain compatibility with older applications but make use of DBC events in your new versions, have your new applications explicitly turn DBC events on when they start. The Version property of a DBC is 11 if DBC events are turned on (normally it’s 10). Turning DBC events on .

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