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Pashto, Waneci, Ormuri. Sociolinguistic Survey Of Northern Pakistan, 4
pashto, waneci, ormuri. sociolinguistic survey of northern pakistan, 4
The northern area of Pakistan occupies a unique position on the cultural and historical map of the world. Its cultural diversity and ethnic richness make it one of the most fascinating areas for researchers and scholars. It is, however, its multi-lingual character that concerns the present study. These five volumes of the Sociolinguistic Survey of Northern Pakistan are devoted to the study of its multi-lingual features. It is slightly more ambitious than the usual studies of this nature: it attempts to .

Language: english
PDF pages: 194, PDF size: 1.07 MB
Pashto Pak Basic Language Guide Pdf File The Wounded Artist
pashto pak basic language guide pdf file the wounded artist
Language: english
PDF pages: 135, PDF size: 0.19 MB
Pashto Basic Language Guide The Wounded Artist Project
pashto basic language guide the wounded artist project
Language: english
PDF pages: 135, PDF size: 0.17 MB
Pashto Cultural Orientation
pashto cultural orientation
Language: english
PDF pages: 77, PDF size: 5.32 MB
Pashto Basic Language Survival Guide Pashto Basic
pashto basic language survival guide pashto basic
It contains words and phrases that have been found to be most useful for contingency operations. The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) has produced this guide for use by advance parties or others who may not have immediate access to a fully qualified linguist. If your organization’s language translation requirements exceed the content of this publication, contact your organization’s Command Language Program Manager (CLPM) to formally identify the requirement. Inquiries and .

Language: english
PDF pages: 70, PDF size: 0.59 MB
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