Pattern Drafting For Dressmaking

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Contest Title Pattern Drafting And Ladies Webs
contest title pattern drafting and ladies webs
1.Gas Stove and Gas Tank (to be provided by the host region) Cake Stand (to be provided by the host region) 1st Layer “rectangular” 3 inches tall from the base 2nd Layer “round” 13 inches tall from the base of the cake stand Electric Mixer Baked Chiffon Cakes (to be provided by the host region)1 rectangular cake 12” x 16” x 3”1 round cake 9” x 3” Cake Decorator or Pastry Bag and Icing Tips (as many) Ingredients for Boiled Icing 6.1 4 egg whites 6.2 Sugar 6.3 Cream of Tartar 6.4 Water Food Colors (as many) .

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Yoke Dress Pattern Draft Tutorial
yoke dress pattern draft tutorial
-mark center back and center of sleeve tops -gather from sleeve front seam all the way around the back and across the other sleeve, but not on front piece -mark center back of yoke (you could also base the yoke pieces together if you want, but I didn't)also make ¼ points between shoulder seam and center back -match center back of skirt with center back of yoke (right sides together). -match the front sleeve seams with the top of the “notch triangle” -match shoulder seam on yoke with center of sleeves -.

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Module Descriptor Pattern Drafting Level N32801 Fetac
module descriptor pattern drafting level n32801 fetac
. evidence of the following: Collection of Patterns The collection of patterns must show evidence of adapting patterns to a design brief from a basic block. Each garment should have a collection of patterns which include a draft from a basic block with adaptations to a specific design, fitting records of changes and adaptations, master patterns suitable for manufacturing. Technical Notebook The candidate should have explored and experimented with various pattern drafting techniques and show.

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Scheme Of Work Pattern Drafting Stage 1 1) Explanation Of Pattern
scheme of work pattern drafting stage 1 1) explanation of pattern
MEASUREMENTS Waist Hips Length SKIRT BACK Draw guide lines A = waistline B hipline - 8”/20 cm below waistline C = skirt length from waist to hem A - Al 1/4 waist + 1/2"/1 1/2cm + 1”/2.5 cm for dart Al - 42 ½” / 1 ½ cm Draw waistline curve from A2 - A B – B1 = ¼ hips + ½” / 1 1/2 cm Join A2 - BI Square down from BI to hemline Draw hipline curve from A2 Al ¾” Add /2 cm flare to hemline Draw new side seam from BI to hemline Mark a point 1/2 way between A - A2 Square down 5”/13 cm Mark a point 1/2"/.

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Download The First Chapter Pattern Drafting For Fit And Fashion
download the first chapter pattern drafting for fit and fashion
2. Draw a dotted line straight from the point of the dart across to one of the long sides of the paper as shown in the second diagram. Cut along the new dotted line and stop at the point of the original dart.Fold and crease one line of the original dart drawn in Item 1 above. Bring this folded dart line over to touch the second line of that dart. Tape it flat.Notice that the line cut in Item 2 has spread apart and become a space shaped like a dart.Place a strip of paper underneath this dart space and tape .

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