Pengaruh Bank Syariah Terhadap Perekonomian Di Indonesia

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rahmayanti analisis pengaruh aset bank syariah dan prinsip bagi
. holder principle in syariah banking can be done in four especial convenants, those are Musyarakah, Mudharabah, Muzaraah and Musaqah. The syariah bank's asset that is exist in this North Sumatera pursuant to existing data which obtained from Indonesia Central Bank's monthly. of two variables those are syariah public bank asset and sharing holder principle to defrayal of syariah public banks in North Sumatera, hence there. holder at syariah public banks in North Sumatera is Rp 1000 hence will cause the increasing of defrayal at syariah public banks in North.

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pengaruh jarak terhadap penurunan sisa klor di jaringan distribusi
Sarah Dewi Yani 1) dan Dwina Roosmini 2) Program Studi Teknik Lingkungan Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Lingkungan ITB, Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung 40132 1) dan 2) Abstract : The research intent on to know the effect of distance to reduction of chlorine residual concentration in distribution pipe in west Jakarta service areas as a result of treatment plant from WATER TREATMEN PLANT (WTP) Pejompongan I & II, Cengkareng and DC R-4 PT PAM JAYA in May 2008 . .

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state syariah and the regulation islamic banking indonesia
. Arabic terms in Indonesia. Different spellings are often used interchangeably and variations can be found even within individual documents. Syariah is the most common spelling used in Indonesia for the Arabic sharīca, but I. derived from Arabic found in names or quotations. The term bank syariah was formally recognised by Undang-Undang Nomor 10 Tahun 1998.: al-bank al-’islāmī; al-mahārif al-’islāmīya), but Indonesians commonly use the terms interchangeably: Bank Indonesia, The Blueprint of Islamic Banking Development in Indonesia.

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