Pengecatan Bakteri Gram Positif Dan Negatif

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perhitungan bakteri haemacytometer dan mpn
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identifikasi, patogenisitas bakteri dan pemanfaatan gen 16s-rrna
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patogenitas penyakit infeksi (bakteri dan jamur)
 Endotoxin : acute phase protein can cause the life-threatening symptoms associated with sepsis and meningitis  Tissue damage induced by neutrophils, macrophage and complement induced by CD4 T cells and macrophages for Mycobacterium tuberculosis  The bacterial M protein of S, pyogens antigenically mimics heart tissues such that anti-M protein antibodies cross react with initiate damage to the heart (rheumatic fever)  Immune complexes deposited in the glomeruli of the kidney, cause post-streptococcal .

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