Pengertian Surat Panggilan

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surat panggilan wwcr calon penerima bln 2011 dikti
I have the honor to inform you that the Goverrunentof the Bepublic o_fIndor1esla rs_offering the !9Cf**S'.b_olp-rship-of Developing Countries PartnershipProgram on Scholarship' Yg$g (KNB) for the year 201212013 to Thai Students to sludy . !! Ihe field of Humanities. Engineering, Social Science, Multi-Disgipl$ary._-.S-.tudj9s, _ Edpga_tigg. .S.gience, and Agricultural Science!.The Participantscan chooseone ofthe fields ofstudy offered. The scholarships consist 3 stepsl of 1) IndonesianLanguage- 8 (Eight) .

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