Peningkatan Pembelajaran Drama Dengan Metode Role Playing

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e-drama: facilitating online role-play using actor and
.Abstract. This paper describes a multi-user role-playing environment, referred to as “e-drama”, which enables groups of people to converse online./7 efficient personalised social skill, language and career training via role-play and offering automatic monitoring.

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drama and role-play
Classmates not in picture : Silvia Guevarra, Sandra Alves, Rosa Maliza, DianaGarcia, Ruperto Bravo, Fatma Berrouane. 

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using drama and role-play
. of three years old originally a dancer Barry trained at drama school after a knee injury ended his dancing career. After. to their existing anti-bullying initiatives using forum theatre and role-play the workshops explore the sensitive subject in a way that.

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beyond role playing: using drama in legal education
. Drama can be employed as a tool for research, reflection, and skill-building, from assigning students to read and comment on plays to asking students to write and produce their own plays.2 But beyond the use of role-playing to teach specific legal skills, the potential for incorporating drama in legal. to learn about the opportunities that the university offers. The drama was intended to demonstrate the values and processes of the.

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