Perdarahan Post Partum

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Jul03-Post Partum
jul03-post partum
Jean-Jacques Labat, specialist in rehabilitation medicine, Nantes Édouard-Guy Leclerc, physiotherapist, Le Havre Dr. Pierre Mechaly, general practitioner, Chilly- Mazarin Dr. Jack Mouchel, gynaecologist/obstetrician, Le Mans Henri Portero, physiotherapist, Les Sablesd’Olonne Lucile Poumarat, physiotherapist, Lempdes Annick Viallon, midwife, Clermont-Ferrand

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Post Partum Eclampsia
post partum eclampsia
In general, women in whom symptoms develop beyond 48 hours after delivery usually are seen in the emergency department. Because our colleagues in the emergency department will be the first providers to evaluate such women, it is vital that we educate them that a high index of suspicion remains important after delivery, If we fail to educate physicians regarding the importance of symptoms, then all other efforts will be ineffective. It is disturbing to note that 6 cases of eclampsia might have been .

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Post Partum Hemorrhage Med Students - What'S New In Post Partum
post partum hemorrhage med students - what's new in post partum
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Post-Partum & Post-Abortion Contraception
post-partum & post-abortion contraception
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Post Partum Haemorrhage
post partum haemorrhage
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