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bukit darah plc 2011/2012 carson and cumberbatch
VALUE DRIVEN Bukit Darah, a diversified investment holding company, continues to be a top . performance in FY 2012, the results of which pushed Bukit Darah to the top tier of Sri Lankan corporates, once again.

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bukit darah plc.
Oil Palm Plantation Beverage Real Estate Hoteles & Airline Investment Holding & Financial Services • Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust PLC • 1951* • 66.65% • Ceylon Investment PLC • 1919* • 63.42% • Watapota Investment PLC • 1920* • 86.72% • Rubber Investment Trust Limited • 1906* • 100% • Weniwella Investments Limited • 1906* • 77.47% • Mylands Investments Limited • 1920* • 92.41% • Leechman & Company (Private) Limited • 1953* • 100% • Unit Trust Management Company (Private) Limited + • 22% • .

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bukit darah plc - carson cumberbatch plc, sri lanka - business
(All figures in Sri Lankan Rupees thousands unless otherwise stated) For the year ended 31st March Group revenue Profit before taxation Profit after taxation EBITDA Cash earning per share (Rs.) Operating cash flow Profit attributable to ordinary shareholders Shareholders’ funds* Net assets* Total assets Total debts Net debts Debt/total assets (%) Return on ordinary shareholders’ funds (%) Earnings per share (Rs.) Net assets per ordinary share (Rs.) Market capitalisation (Company) Revenue to Government .

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