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Pertumbuhan, Hasil Dan Daur Ekonomis
pertumbuhan, hasil dan daur ekonomis
6.1.1 Introduction In sustainable forest management framework, growth and yield are two essential aspects that should be considered to manage forest optimally. Gadow and Hui (1999) stated that the key to successful in timber management is a proper understanding of growth processes. In forestry, Vanclay (1994) defined growth as increment in dimensions of one or more individuals in a forest stand over a given period of time, for instance volume growth in m3 ha-1 yr-1. Meanwhile, yield refers to their final .

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Pertumbuhan Mikroorganisme
pertumbuhan mikroorganisme
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"memacu pertumbuhan ekonomi menuju kemandirian bangsa"
Incorporated coopetitive joint venture as proxy of coopetition in five industries - car, airlines, telephone banking, and software with Event History Analysis, this study results that the propensity of the occurrence of coopetition increases as (1) the possibility to place the target firm in the parent firm's country increase, and (2) the risk rank of the target firm's country decreases. Keywords: coopetition, risk rank, target country

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Strategi Pertumbuhan
strategi pertumbuhan
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Hormon Pertumbuhan Dan Perkembangan
hormon pertumbuhan dan perkembangan
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