Perubahan Iklim Indonesia Tutorial

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Perubahan Iklim Dan Dampak Kesehatan
perubahan iklim dan dampak kesehatan
Indirect effects… Increasing of malnutrition cases i related t I i f l t iti is l t d to food production and land use shifts Increasing of cardio cerebral vascular diseases diseases, hypertension, and mental disorders are associated with urban stress, life style, displacements and conflicts. Increasing of influenza ( g (ARI) and respiratory ) p y diseases (asthma, pneumonia) are associated with increasing of air pollution outdoor as well as indoor Increasing of food borne diseases is associated with .

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Perubahan Iklim
perubahan iklim
Language: english
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Perubahan Iklim: Mengapa Pohon??
perubahan iklim: mengapa pohon??
Language: english
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Perubahan Iklim Dan Instrumen Ekonomi Untuk Redd
perubahan iklim dan instrumen ekonomi untuk redd
Language: english
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Mitigasi Perubahan Iklim Pada Berbagai Sistem Pertanian Di Lahan
mitigasi perubahan iklim pada berbagai sistem pertanian di lahan
Language: english
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