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IP address allocation follows the hierarchical scheme described in RFC 2050. For the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, IP address space is allocated by IANA to LACNIC for its subsequent allocation and assignment to National Internet Registries (NIRs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and end users. In addition, administration of Autonomous System Numbers and reverse resolution space are critical components for the efficient operation of the Internet on a global level. This document describes .

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implicación de los ciudadanos en la definición de políticas
Considerations of these issues give rise to a series of questions addressed in this paper:How far is choice actually limited in the NHS?What kinds of choice are possible and desirable?What are the benefits of choice?What are the costs of improving patient choice?Is choice a substitute for patient and public involvement?What is effective choice?Will current government efforts to promote choice be successful?Can the NHS offer greater choice within the existing policy framework? We argue that current .

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