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perancangan pompa sentrifugal multistage dengan satu masukan dan
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comparison duplex and triplex memory reliability center for
Reliability of a duplex system is shown to be worse than the triplex system if the ECC used in the duplex system is capable of only error detection or only single error correction. It is also shown that if the ECC is capable of single error correction as well as double error detection, for small bit error probability , the duplex system achieves higher reliability than the triplex system. From these results the following conclusion can be drawn:

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2007 jasms triplex.pdf - ligand binding mode to duplex and triplex
.) necessary to dissociate 50% of the complex with the duplex or the triplex in tandem MS. To determine the probable ligand binding. ligand binding energies. Product ion spectra of the complexes with triplex DNA show only loss of neutral ligand for the benzopyridoquinoxalines. the duplex part. This indicates a higher binding energy of the benzopyridoindoles, and also shows that the ligands interact with the triplex via the duplex.

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