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Although raining is abundant in Pontevedra, the sun is always present in this province, with more than 2,100 hours of sun each year in average, the highest level in the peninsular north-western area. Thanks to its orography and its relief, with the river valleys and the rías covering the province from east to west, it enjoys a set of exceptional Mediterranean or even subtropical microclimates.

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athletes guide pontevedra itu triathlon premium european cup 2010
.. TRAINING    Pre‐competition  swimming  training  will  take  place  at  the  Pontevedra  Performance  Centre,  which  is  located at the venue. For your.

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The Information Center/LOC OFFICE, is located at the Performance Center and will be open on Friday May the 15th and Saturday May the 16th from 8:00 to 20:00, and on Sunday May the 17th from 8:00 and throughout the race, until the end of all events. Otherwise, contact Michelette Harris (+34608611906). 2.7 Security A private security company will be responsable for the venue security, and the Community Police and Field of Play (FOP) Marshals will patrol around the Field of Play. Police and a certified .

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variations of seagrass beds in pontevedra (north- western spain
INTRODUCTION Seagrass beds are key elements of the coastal ecosystems in many parts of the world (see Hemminga & Duarte, 2000 for a complete review). Several studies stress their importance in different roles: they create highly structured habitats, which leads to a greater number of niches than in non-colonized areas, and as a result to a greater biodiversity (Currás et al., 1993, Attrill et al., 2000). From a geomorphologic point of view, they stabilize the coastline absorbing part of the wave .

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