Pp No 38 Tahun 2011 Sungai

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38. Summer 2011 Southern Insight Meditation
38. summer 2011 southern insight meditation
It enables us to be open to, and tenderly hold the most difficult parts of ourselves. It deepens and enriches our experience of life and also results in a spaciousness that enables us to respond creatively in situations we would otherwise react automatically from old conditioned patterns. *The actual cost of the retreat is the higher figure, however it is possible to pay a subsidised rate anywhere from the actual cost down to the bracketed figure.

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Latitude 38 August 2011
latitude 38 august 2011
Buzz Blackett’s Antrim-designed Class 40, California Condor, won this Spring’s Crewed Farallones Race. The 58-mile race combined a breezy beat from San Francisco to the Farallon Islands and varying conditions for the reach back to the finish. The California Condor, the bird not the boat, has the largest wing span of any bird in North America. The head of the mainsail on California Condor, the boat not the bird, measures 11-ft across. The crew reefed the sail for the windy upwind part of the race, then .

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Latitude 38 April 2011
latitude 38 april 2011
So Craig and the ACRM came with their hands out, asking for help from the clubs and their members to find the boats and drivers they'll need. A training process is in the works, and we can guarantee you, there will be no better way to see the action from the water. Second, Craig said that they will be recruiting almost exclusively from the Bay for Race Committee staff that will work on every America's Cup World Series event, the Louis Vuitton Cup and the Cup itself. These 60-80 people will need to able to .

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Latitude 38 September 2011
latitude 38 september 2011
"Best Doo Dah ever," enthused threetime vet Jay Hickman of the Islander 36 Zorza when asked how the third running of the event stacked up with the previous years. That was a common sentiment with the crews from the 20 other veteran boats who joined the Delta Doo Dah 3D, though they couldn't always put their finger on exactly why. Maybe it was the hearty welcome the fleet of 50 boats received at each of the official stops. Or perhaps it was all the great prizes donated by generous sponsors. Or it .

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Latitude 38 October 2011
latitude 38 october 2011
Saturday's weather caught just about everyone unawares, and one race was all it took for the R/C to send the fleet in, when what had been an appropriate level of carnage on the race course suddenly became overwhelming. With the fleet spewed all over the course, and the crews and boats — not to mention sails — getting beat to hell in the steep Circle chop, the decision was made to try to make up the two lost races the following day. With the lightest breeze the fleet had

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