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This is the digital age and literally everything can be done via the internet, be it shopping, selling, studying or hiring. We are addicted to our smartphones, PCs, tablets and laptops, and almost all of our tasks are executed with the help of the digital world. We are increasingly abandoning burdensome and traditional ways of doing things and doing them digitally instead, in a way that is easier, simpler and more convenient. Applying this logic to the usage of books, millions of people around the world have stopped buying and reading heavy paperbacks in favor of the modern version - the ebook. People are finding it rather fuss-free to invest in a good ebook reader, such as a Kindle or a Nook, and download ebooks on them rather than carry around a cumbersome paperback with them everywhere they go. The biggest advantage of downloading ebooks is that you can carry around hundreds of them within one compact device itself. The most glaring disadvantage would however be the fact that today, there are more ebook titles available compared to paperbacks simply because it is easier and cheaper to publish digitally. Thus, sorting out the ones you are interested in from the ones that you don't want, and ultimately getting the title you want, has become a tedious task owing to the clutter of various ebooks available on the net. helps you get to your favorite ebook easily

Things have however become easier for ebook readers with the launch of the new online ebooks catalog, Launched merely 3 months ago, our website is growing at a fast rate and becoming increasingly popular among the readers of the world who are now able to search for the ebook they want in a much more convenient and quicker manner. In order to make things extremely simple for readers to sift through the humongous jumble of titles and find the one they are looking for, without much ado, we have implemented an advanced search setting. Here you will find a vast ebook collection consisting of more than 71 million books belonging to a wide range of different topics and genres, meaning there is something for everyone. Our online catalog features an online reader so that you are enabled to read and download books for free in pdf format.

The much-needed eBook catalog is here has come at a time when the need for an ebook catalog was being felt by most ebook readers around the world. All of the titles that you will find here have been grouped on the basis of their language, since there are titles that have been translated into varied languages so as to appeal to a wider section of the international audience. You, the visitor, can filter your search according to language and page count. Moreover, our inventory is stocked with titles in 53 different languages. Lastly, our main aim behind the creation of was to help people across the planet become educated by offering them quick and easy service to find any reading material that they want to access.

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