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Projekty Wspolpracy Angielsku.indd Efs Wup Katowice
projekty wspolpracy angielsku.indd efs wup katowice
This guide has been developed based on the experiences gathered by beneficiaries of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme and the EQUAL Community Initiative. Most of those beneficiaries were involved in transnational cooperation for the first time ever. Their experiences, therefore, provided a particularly important source of knowledge about good and bad practices in transnational cooperation. The purpose of this guide is to provide project promoters who are in the course of preparing applications for project .

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Kuća-Autorsko Delo
kuća-autorsko delo
VOID SPACE/HINGED SPACE HOUSING Fukuoka, Japan, 1989-1991 PROGRAM: Mixed use complex, with 28 residential apartments CLIENT: Fukuoka Jisho Co. SIZE: 14,000 sf STATUS: completed From hinged space to the silence of void space. Four active north facing voids interlock with four quiet south facing voids to bring a sense of the sacred into domestic life. To ensure emptiness, the south voids are flooded with water, generating flickering reflections. The 28 apartment interiors are conceptualized as "hinged .

Language: english
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Projekti Turizam Invest Varazdin Poslovne Zone
projekti turizam invest varazdin poslovne zone
Conceptual project preparation for the hospital JUNON and building permits for construction obtaining. Conceptual project for preparation for the hotel JUPITER and building permits for construction obtaining Reconstructive project development for the existing hotel complex MINERVA and building permits obtaining Conceptual project development of roads within future facilities Geophysical works and filming the land planned for building Other studies and project documentation for construction Defining the .

Language: english
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Projekti Ostali Invest Varazdin County Poslovne Zone
projekti ostali invest varazdin county poslovne zone
330/3 k.o. Kneginec Prostorno planska namjena: Trenutno će se napraviti izmjene u prostornom planu kako bi se moglo izgraditi solarne ćelije i elektrane Blizina komunalne infrastrukture: komunalna infrastruktura je izgrađena do parcele Blizina infrastrukture za isporučivanja proizvedene električne energije: trafostanica i ostala potrebna infrastruktura su u neposrednoj blizini Cijene i modeli ugovaranja (prodaja, koncesije, itd): modeli ugovaranja su prema dogovoru sa investitorom, ali deponij bi se dao u .

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Projekti Sa Ministarstvom Za Nauku I Tehnološki Razvoj Republike
projekti sa ministarstvom za nauku i tehnološki razvoj republike
.PROJEKTI INSTITUTA “VINČA” SA MNTR   Evidencioni broj projekta: ON143030. Naslov projekta: .

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PDF pages: 63, PDF size: 0.64 MB
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