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pengelolaan sampah menurut sampah 2008
EXAMPLES Mandatory take-back; Voluntary or negotiated take-back programs. Procurement guidelines and policies; Information disclosure programs Disposal bans; Mandated recycling Voluntary codes of practice; Public/private partnerships; Leasing and "servicing" (in which companies lease their products or provide services, thereby retaining ownership of the product). Special taxes; Product charges; Advance disposal fees; Deposit/refund schemes; Subsidies and tax credits for the production and use of.

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pengelolaan sampah menurut uu sampah 2008
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proposal program riset dan inovasi itb 2011 sistem pengelolaan
To overcome the effect of shallow three dimensional structure or galvanic distortion, We have also developed the new methodology of modeling by applying phase tensor and induction vector as response functions in the 3d forward modeling. The three-dimensional topography was also taken into account in the modeling and twodimensional inversion results of multiple profiles were used as the initial three-dimensional model. Based on the final 3d resistivity model, a 200-500 m thickness disk-shaped conductive .

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