Proposal Rancangan Sebuah Proyek Untuk Perangkat Lunak

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The default orientation of the local 1 and 2 axes is determined by the relationship between the local 3 axis and the global Z axis: The local 3-2 plane is taken to be vertical, i.e., parallel to the Z axis The local 2 axis is taken to have an upward (+Z) sense unless the element is horizontal, in which case the local 2 axis is taken along the global +Y direction The local 1 axis is horizontal, i.e., it lies in the X-Y plane The element is considered to be horizontal if the sine of the angle between the .

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• The manager who forgets that software engineering work is an intensely human endeavor will never have success in project management. • The manager who fails to encourage comprehensive stakeholder communication early in the evolution of a product risks building an elegant solution for the wrong problem. • The manager who pays little attention to the process runs the risk of inserting competent technical methods and tools into a vacuum. • The manager who embarks without a solid project plan jeopardizes .

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