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$student = new Student(); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $student->nomor_induk = $row['nomor_induk']; $student->nama = $row['nama']; $student->kelas = $row['kelas']; $student->alamat = $row['alamat']; } mysql_close($con); return $student; } /** * Menambah data baru seorang murid dan mengembalikan status penambahan. * @param Student * @return string */ public function addStudent($student) { //tambah student baru $con = mysql_connect("localhost","root","".

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paradigma bimbingan dan konseling perguruan tinggi
• Counselling is learning-oriented process which usually occurs in an interactive relationship with the aim of helping the person learn more: – about the self; – about others – about situations and events related to given issues and conditions – and also to learn to put such understanding to being an effective member of the society • Counselling is a process in which the helper expresses care and concern towards the person with a problem to facilitate that person's personal growth and positive change .

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berita acara bimbingan skripsi
SUMMARY RISQI JATI UTOMO, A 320 020 053, CLASS SHIFTS OF NOUNS IN TRANSLATION WORKS DONE BY TRANSLATORS IN SURAKARTA. Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta, Research Paper. 2007 The type of the research is descriptive qualitative study especially about a case study, the method of collecting data are interview, observation, and documentation. The objectives of this research are to classify the class shifts of nouns and to describe the equivalence and non equivalence of the translation in translation works .

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