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The Hardening Soil model is an advanced model for the simulation of soil behaviour. As for the Mohr-Coulomb model, limiting states of stress are described by means of the friction angle, ϕ, the cohesion, c , and the dilatancy angle, ψ . However, soil stiffness is described much more accurately by using three different input stiffnesses: the triaxial loading stiffness, E50 , the triaxial unloading stiffness, Eur , and the oedometer loading stiffness, Eoed . As average values for various soil types, Eur ≈ .

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Each Manual holder is responsible for determining implementation dates and directions for .: Sustainable Infrastructure/Design/ Construction and Material Specifications Here you will find the latest versions of the.

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Terms mentioned in this document that are known or understood to be trademarks, whether registered or not, have been identified. Where trademarks have been confirmed as registered in Australia, this has been indicated by the addition of the symbol, otherwise the symbol is used. While all care has been taken to identify trademarks, users should rely on their own inquiries to determine trademark ownership. Use of a term in this document as a trademark should not be regarded as affecting the validity of .

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The procedures found in this manual fall into one of four categories.Those procedures which follow . conducted in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Commonly used procedures in this category are listed on.

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