Protocolos De Actuacion Del Tes Editorial Aran

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con el protocolo de kyoto del año 1997, 160 estados acordaron
The development of the German market of wind power is internationally considered as an ideal model for the change in energy policy that a lot of countries want to imitate. Considering the already installed wind power, Germany is leading before Spain and the USA. In 1990 Spain was emitting 75% less greenhouse gases than Germany thus being allowed to raise its emissions up to 15% until the period between 2008 and 2012. But a rising economy and thus the steadily rising energy demand leaded to greenhouse .

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protocolo facultativo del pacto internacional de derechos - object
In doing so, the Committee shall bear in mind that the State Party may adopt a range of possible policy measures for the implementation of the rights set forth in the Covenant. Article 9 Follow-up to the views of the CommitteeAfter examining a communication, the Committee shall transmit its views on the communication, together with its recommendations, if any, to the parties concerned.The State Party shall give due consideration to the views of the Committee, together with its recommendations, if any, and .

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