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• Say It Right: exercises which regularly check your knowledge and check you know how to express yourself correctly and appropriately. • Investigating: research tasks and documents which will give you fascinating insights into context. • Reference Section: it forms your own personal mini-research library to help with contextualisation. A Booklet in two parts: • Part One teaches reading and writing skills for literature learning including ‘How to Write a Summary’, ‘How to Write an Essay’ and ‘How to .

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el salvador - health in the americas 2007 - volume ii
According to the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare’s Disaster Unit, 5% of the nation’s population lives in areas at a very high risk of yearly flooding, 80% lives in areas prone to seismic activity occurring at roughly 10-year intervals, and 1% lives in areas exposed to volcanic eruptions every 80 years (6). Table 1 shows progress in the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals and remaining challenges.

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