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Quy Tắc Ứng Xử Trong Kinh Doanh Alliance One International
quy tắc Ứng xử trong kinh doanh alliance one international
You should be careful not to share Company proprietary information with others, including fellow employees, unless they need to know it for a legitimate business reason. Unauthorized disclosure could destroy its value, and give unfair advantage to others outside the Company. Also remember that unintentional disclosure (for example, through indiscreet conversations over cellular telephones or in public places such as planes, elevators, restrooms or restaurants) can be just as damaging to AOI. When you leave.

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Luật Bảo Hiểm Xã Hội Law Social Insurance Bảo Hiểm Xã Hội Tỉnh
luật bảo hiểm xã hội law social insurance bảo hiểm xã hội tỉnh
. t i H i ng Giám nh y khoa theo quy nh t i i m a kho n 1 i. c a cơ quan nhà nư c có th m quy n; g) To supply relevant documents and information at the. trade union organizations; i) Các trách nhi m khác theo quy nh c a pháp lui) Other responsibilities as provided for.

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Công Bảo Hiểm Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh Công Cổ
công bảo hiểm thành phố hồ chí minh công cổ
CHAPTER I - DEFINITIONSProfessional sport activities are any sport activities, which brings main and regular earning to the Insured Person.Hazardous sport activities are activities on air (except for traveling by air), winter sport, hang gliding, hunting, ice hockey, parachute jump, wrestling, polo, water-skiing, yachting beyond 5 km of a coastline, racing (except for charitable racing, internal race hosted by an organization).Customary and reasonable charges are the medically necessary charges that do not.

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C'Ng Bảo Hiểm Th¿nh Phố Hồ Chõ Minh
c'ng bảo hiểm th¿nh phố hồ chõ minh
10. The Insured Person’s and the Policy-holder’s obligationsTo truthfully and completely declare the material facts as required by PTI, to observe the policy’s terms and conditions and to fully pay due premium as stated in the Policy.To notify PTI at the soonest any circumstance, which may give rise to a claim, to be truthful in declaring and furnishing correct document related to an insured event.If the Insured Person authorizes another person to receive his/her claim payment, letter of legal .

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Hợp Đồng Bảo Hiểm Viện Phí Cho Gia Đình Và Cá Citibank
hợp Đồng bảo hiểm viện phí cho gia Đình và cá citibank
“Insured Person” means individual that meets all terms and conditions described in Article 3 in the Insurance Policy and the Company agrees to cover in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Insurance Policy. “Beneficiary” means an individual and/or organization that is/are authorized by the Policyholder to receive the indemnity according to the Insurance Policy. “Physician” means a legally licensed physician or surgeon duly registered and practicing within the scope of their license pursuant to .

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