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Raluca Thesis - August 31
raluca thesis - august 31
This study is an introduction to the body of work produced by the German poets who were born during or after World War II in Romania and whose almost simultaneous debut lies in the relatively liberal period 1965 – 1971. Helped onto the Romanian-German literary scene by a propitious environment and informed by the socialist ideology they were born “into,” the poets born between 1942 and 1955 formed a remarkable generation unit which sought to significantly renew German-language literature in Romania. .

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Raluca Vandergrift Dept Of Grad Studies.indd
raluca vandergrift dept of grad studies.indd
I can’t thank the people in my life enough for all the support and kind words that they have given me over the past year. I especially want to thank my “freshman” who was not only a model builder but also a therapist, a chef, a maid, an accountant, a dogwalker, a mechanic, and everything else I needed. My parents, which I will never be able to thank enough for all they have done for me, and the rest of my family who watched me go to the brink and back again on a weekly basis. Thank you all so much.

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Raluca Hera
raluca hera
The objective of placentation in mammals with the haemochorial type of placenta is to bring fetal and maternal circulations into close proximity to each other. Placental development starts with the process of implantation, which involves a series of events (Schlafke and Enders, 1975). The first stage involves the establishment of position of the blastocyst within the uterus, or attachment. This includes appositional and adhesional events in which the blastocyst first "finds" its implantation .

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Raluca Mateescu Oklahoma State University Raluca Raluca Mateescu
raluca mateescu oklahoma state university raluca raluca mateescu
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Raluca Maria Pārlog (pop) Metabolomic Studies Applied
raluca maria pārlog (pop) metabolomic studies applied
The first one is the comprehensive chemical analysis of all metabolites in a plant extract followed by the second one, the computation of huge datasets. In order to acomplish these, the rapidly emerging field of metabolomics combines the sophisticated analytical technologies with the application of statistical methods like chemometrics, for information collection and data interpretation. Over the past decade high resolution, accurate and sensitive methods suitable for the detection of a large set of .

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