Rangkuman Fisika Kelas Vii Manual

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Antoinette Vii Manual
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Manual Part Vii Meteorological Measurements
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Manual Vii Methods Projecting Households And Families
manual vii methods projecting households and families
namely: under 5,000 Swedish krona; 5,000-9,999 Skr; Figure III also gives more graphic expression to a relation10,000-14,999 Skr; 15,000-19,999 Skr; 20,000-24,999 Skr; ship between the headship rate and the level of income in each sex-age marital status group. Both the table and the 25,000-29,999 Skr; 30,000 Skr and above. This attempt is based on the hypothesis that the varia- figure evidently indicate that headship rates are positively tion of the headship rate, especially specific for sex and and .

Language: english
PDF pages: 30, PDF size: 1.34 MB
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