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2011 May Speak Hindi
2011 may speak hindi
. – LESSON 30 (ऩठ ३० ) – body parts (शयय क अग) in Hindi (हहनद भ) Kavitha – July 29, 2010 – Basic Conversations –Doctor –Patient. 12, 2010 – How is your health? Kavitha – October 4, 2009 – Hindi Terms for Body Parts Nathan – September 9, 2007 – My First 100 Words In Hindi (7a of 8) – Parts of the Body Nathan – September 10, 2007 – My First 100 Words In Hindi (7b of 8) – Parts of the Body ऩठ (pīṭh) is.

Language: english
PDF pages: 145, PDF size: 2.22 MB
Spoken Man Speak Hindi
spoken man speak hindi
ब त was a wick, then candle/taper/match, then lamp, then car tail-light–but because of the “twist” in its nature (from the Sanskrit व तक vartikā) it is also and variously bundle or faggot, stick (of sealing wax–for cabbages and kings), lint (navel and elsewhere), and twisted folds of such as a turban. To light a torch was मशल जलन. And a torch lighter used to be called मशल फ़रज़ ( ‫مشعل‬ ‫ ,)فيروز‬literally, someone successful at lighting a torch (like a barbecue grill, not everybody can do it). The hardest .

Language: english
PDF pages: 77, PDF size: 0.81 MB
August 2011 Speak Hindi
august 2011 speak hindi
{Suresh176} Items used at home घर म उपयग क जन वल चज (Ghar mein upyog ke jaanay walee cheejein) द वनगर/Devanagari transliteration/Translation/Glossary PS: Also refer to my lesson no.24 in this site. सप (seep) Oyster शह जर (shahee jeera) Caraway seeds शशमल शमचच (Shimala Mirch) Capsicum / Bell pepper तरई (turai) Ridge gourd सध नमक (sendha namak) Rock salt सठ (sonth) Dry ginger पसत दन (post daana) Poppy seeds पदन (pudinaa) Mint - reported to be good for indigestion बथआ / पठ (bathua/petha) Ash gourd कदद /कहड (.

Language: english
PDF pages: 50, PDF size: 1.4 MB
Grammar Guide Speak Hindi
grammar guide speak hindi
. question. Do you speak Hindi? कय तम हहद बऱत ह? (kyā tum hin-dī bōl-tē hō?) Did you speak Hindi? कय तमन हहद बऱ? (kyā tum-nē hin-dī bō-lī?) Did you used to speak Hindi? कय तम हहद बऱत थ? (kyā tum hin-dī bōl-tē thē?) Will you speak Hindi? कय तम हहद बऱग? (kyā tum hin-dī bō-lō-gē?) Are you speaking Hindi? कय तम हहद बऱ रह ह? (kyā tum hin-dī bō-la ra-hē hō?) Were you speaking Hindi? कय.

Language: english
PDF pages: 47, PDF size: 0.76 MB
May 2010 Speak Hindi
may 2010 speak hindi
. explains the Lion and the Mouse story Do you know Hindi? Grammar Drill: singular & plural of masculine nouns गभ – cabbage.

Language: english
PDF pages: 42, PDF size: 0.65 MB
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