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Kajian Reklamasi Lahan Marjinal Alang-Alang Dan Model Sistem
kajian reklamasi lahan marjinal alang-alang dan model sistem
Even though these lands are low in fertility, they have a great potential for farming activities especially if high input is applied. These, perhaps, why many farmers abandon the lands. The other main problems of imperata lands are scarcity of water and the adverse effect of poor soil in physical, chemical and biological properties. The conventional activity of farmers in reclaming the imperata land such as burning of imperata grass without any mitigation action have deteriorated the soil properties. There.

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300,000 studs University the State $150 per stud kcellor's office that the help construct iinistration here considers Faculty building to be the very But a delay st priority on the according to truction schedule. Bil chairman kould officials of SUNY, the utive Division of the Budget might sento ke State Legislature deny the development r s in the supplementalMusic instruct et, Stony Brook will lose teaching on a $2 million Federal conditions the t that would help finance other normal center. The grant, .

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Topik Lahan Kering (dryland) Pustaka
topik lahan kering (dryland) pustaka
Title:Effect of maize density, bean cultivar and bean spatial arrangement on intercrop performance View Article: African Crop Science Journal. 2001. 9 (3). 487-497 CD Volume:352 Print Article: Pages: 487-497 Author(s):Mutungamiri A Mariga I Chivinge O Author Affiliation:Department of Crop Science, University of Zimbabwe,P.O. Box MP 167, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe Language:English Language of Summary:English. French Abstract:On-farm trials to determine the optimum combination of maize (Zea-mays L.) .

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Maxine Lahan From Papua New Guinea Fellow The Unu
maxine lahan from papua new guinea fellow the unu
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Konversi Lahan Dan Pilihan Petani Munich Personal Repec Archive
konversi lahan dan pilihan petani munich personal repec archive
1. Introduction This paper discussed the effect of free market on the rice processor by using case of rice processor in Delanggu, Klaten one of the main rice producers in Central Java. Many studies regarding the market liberalization usually focused on whether the international price movement transferred to the domestic market (the law of one price), for example Ardeni, 1989; Baffes, 1991 or market integration (Ravallion, 1986; Sexton et al, 1991; Palaskas and Harriss 1993; Zanias, 1993; Gardner and Brooks.

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