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1.3 Relevans För Biblioteks Bada Högskolan Borås
1.3 relevans för biblioteks bada högskolan borås
Åsa Söderlind The aim of this Master’s thesis is to examine how Ranma ½, one of the most popular Japanese Manga series, reflects the gender system in society. We have chosen to make use of two different gender theorists to determine if Ranma ½ follows the gender norms of society or not. The theoretical framework is based primarily on Yvonne Hirdman's theory of the two basic principles: the principle of dichotomy and the principle of hierarchy. Judith Butler's theory of performative gender is used as a .

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Ami A Klinikumszámára Releváns Peter Laszlo - Semmelweis
ami a klinikumszámára releváns peter laszlo - semmelweis
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Kajian Pustaka Dan Hasil Studi Yang Relevan
kajian pustaka dan hasil studi yang relevan
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=11 T^e Avai.lab'-E Relevan= Data Ti1059-0515 Legacy Tobacco
=11 t^e avai.lab'-e relevan= data ti1059-0515 legacy tobacco
The issue of possible health effects of enviror.mental tobacco smoke is toxicologically and clinically different from that of health effects of direct smo :a_ng, and studies relevant to the latter situation are not ~ecessari'_ .% relevant to the former circu .mstan ce . I would also like to emphasize that this stateme .^.'~ is not meant to represent my cwn or the croup's position on the entire bill before you . This statement addresses only the first finding in Section 2, i .e ., "numerous studies .

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Mir.15 (include Source And Any Document Number Relevan
mir.15 (include source and any document number relevan
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