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Rpp-10006 3ocumenf Number Rev. Yecfronic File Hanford Site
rpp-10006 3ocumenf number rev. yecfronic file hanford site
The Hanford Site contains 177 large (28 double-shell tanks and 149 single-shell tanks) underground radioactive-waste storage tanks that are categorized into one of three waste groups (A, B, and C) based on their waste and tank characteristics. These waste group assignments reflect a tank’s propensity to retain a significant volume of flammable gases and the potential of the waste to release retained gas by a buoyant displacement gas release event. These waste categories replace the current four waste tank.

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Rpp Rpt 49238 Rev Site C7668
rpp rpt 49238 rev site c7668
Key Words: Vadose, Waste Management Area, C Farm, WMA C, Site R, WMC 2010-1, RCRA Soil Characterization, Final Analysis Report, C7668, Core Holes, 20100062, 20100064, 20100063, B23V96, B23V97, B23V98, B23V99, B23VBO, B23VB3, B23VB4, B23VB5, B23VB6, B23VB7, B23VB8, B23VB9, B23VC2, B23VC3, B23VC4, B23TK4, B23TK3, B23TK2, (continued on next page) Abstract: This final report contains the analytical results supporting the RCRA characterization of Vadose samples from core 7668 in C Farm. It also contains the .

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Rpp-7464 Rev. 0
rpp-7464 rev. 0
1.1 Purpose This document provides a compilation of the simulations conducted in support of the Hanford Immobilized Low-Activity Tank Waste Performance Assessment (ILAW PA) to be issued in 2001. This document provides a description of the simulation approach and a description of the simulations for the near field, waste form, far field, groundwater, and integration calculations. The detailed results from these simulations are documented in the three appendices that are the primary references for these .

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Rpp-Env-39658 Hanford Site
rpp-env-39658 hanford site
. volumes and inventory estimates as emergent field data is obtained (RPP-32681, Process to Assess Tank Farm Leaks in Support of.

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Rpp-Rpt-46992 Hanford Site
rpp-rpt-46992 hanford site
bstract: Results of report: BNI WTP Load Flow Analysis was found to be reasonable; BNI Fifth Feeder Study was found to be reasonable; Power factor correction system is not cost effective to implement and a harmonics analysis must be performed prior to implementation of a power factor correction system; Upgrading A6 Substation transformers to IlOOM VA and switchgear and bus ducts to 4,OOOA will provide 70MW (76.4MVA) to the WTP; Hanford 230KV has sufficient capacity to feed the WTP and projected loads; and .

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