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The DGP is a member of the German Coalition for Non-Smoking, which has developed a position paper for the 17. legislative period (2009-2013) of the German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag). Here, ten main postulates for better and consequent tobacco prevention in Germany are outlined, amongst them “Development of counselling and therapy for tobacco cessation”, which is urgently needed in order to help smokers quit (

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solvent recovery handbook, second edition free
This does not necessarily mean that the recovered solvent meets the same specification as virgin material. The specification of the new solvent has usually been drawn up by a committee formed of representatives of both users and producers, who know what the potential impurities are in a product made by an established process route. The specification has to satisfy all potential users, who are, of course, usually customers. For any given user some specifications are immaterial—low water content for a firm making.

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less traveled, 25th anniversary edition free
The ideas herein presented stem, for the most part, from my day-to-day clinical work with patients as they struggled to avoid or to gain ever greater levels of maturity. Consequently, this book contains portions of many actual case histories. Confidentiality is essential to psychiatric practice, and all case descriptions, there-fore, have been altered in name and in other particulars so as to preserve the anonymity of my patients without distorting the essential reality of our experience with each other. .

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international law, sixth edition
. ILR 591] 650 Attorney-General (New Zealand)Zaoui 167 n197 Auditing of Accounts between the Netherlands and France 852, 883 n214.

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