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Measurement Techniques Artech House
measurement techniques artech house
. MHz to about 2 GHz. At higher frequencies, this measurement technique would be limited by strays in the measurement setup and. component models used. The two basic assumptions of the measurement technique presented here are that capacitors of 2% tolerance value are.

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Seamanship Techniques, Third Edition
seamanship techniques, third edition
METEOROLOGY Introduction Meteorological terms Forecast areas Weather scales Construction and interpretation of synoptic chart Heavy weather precautions (general cargo vessels) open water conditions Effects of heavy weather on vessel at sea General behaviour of vessels in heavy weather Tropical revolving storm Ice terminology Ice navigation Single-letter signals between ice-breaker and assisted vessels PREVENTING COLLISIONS AT SEA Introduction International regulations Author’s comments Judging another .

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Seamanship Techniques
seamanship techniques
of anchor, 26 pea or bill, 26 shank, 26 stock, 25 tripping palms, 26 anchor terminology, 40 anchor ' a' cockbill, 40 anchor aweigh, 39, 40 anchor buoy , 41 anchnr coming home, 41 anchor dragging, 41, 46 anchor warp, 41 brought up, 41 cable clench, 41 cables length, 41 cat the anchor, 41 drop an anchor under foot, 42 foul anchor, 42 foul hawse, 42, 50

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Chapter Survey Steganographic Techniques Artech House
chapter survey steganographic techniques artech house
If it is possible that some pixels change color during the transmission process, it could be the case that for instance P1 (Bi ) drops from 50.6% to 49.5%, thereby destroying the embedded information. Therefore two threshold values R1 > 50% and R0 < 50% and a robustness parameter λ, which specifies the percentage of pixels which can change color during transmission, are introduced. The sender assures during the embedding process that either P1 (Bi ) ∈ [R1 , R1 +λ] or P0 (Bi ) ∈ [R0 −λ, R0 ] instead of.

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Introduction Spectrum Sensing Techniques Artech House
introduction spectrum sensing techniques artech house
. radio environment. In literature, one, can find various spectrum sensing techniques [1, 2] which, in general, could be classified as (1., (3) matched filter-based sensing and (4) other sensing techniques. Different techniques serve different purposes based on their advantages and drawbacks. The. presented in detail in this chapter. Some of the other techniques, such as the covariance-based method and the eigenvalue-based.

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