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About 2300 years ago the Greek conqueror Alexander the Great invaded the Indian sub-continent. His offensive upon the land's patchwork of small Hindu empires proved to be highly successful due to the disunity of the petty rulers. It was Chanakya Pandit who, feeling deeply distressed at heart, searched for and discovered a qualified leader in the person of Chandragupta Maurya. Although a mere dasi-putra, that is, a son of a maidservant by the Magadha King Nanda, Chandragupta was highly intelligent, .

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He has charge of Tumunthe guard and has many people under his jurisdiction. All prisoncases go first to him and from him to the Bemdara, 1 and this For r,Jr. office always falls to persons of great esteem. He is also the one who receives the dues on the merchandise. There are in Malacca four Xabamdmes, which are municipal Xabamoffices. They are the men who receive the captains of the junks, dares. each one according as he is under his jurisdiction. These men .present them to the Bmdara, allot them .

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