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Sek 2011 1217 En
sek 2011 1217 en
Adopted in early 2003, the Market Abuse Directive (MAD)1 has introduced a comprehensive framework to tackle insider dealing and market manipulation practices, jointly referred to as "market abuse". The Directive aims to increase investor confidence and market integrity by prohibiting those who possess inside information from trading in related financial instruments, and by prohibiting the manipulation of markets through practices such as spreading false information or rumours and conducting .

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Sek 2011 1608 En
sek 2011 1608 en
I TRODUCTIO The Commission Communication on the draft 2012 Joint Report of the Council and the Commission on the implementation of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020)1 is accompanied by two Staff Working Documents (SWDs). While the other SWD examines the progress made in the implementation of ET2020 from a thematic, cross-country perspective, the present SWD examines the progress made at national level towards the ET 2020 objectives on a country-by-country .

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Sek Annual Report 2012
sek annual report 2012
. client on the market.The bank turns to SEK for export credits when SEK’s offering is the most attractive, for example. is difficult to access. Exporters can also turn to SEK directly and SEK may then turn to a bank for help in.

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Sek 300
sek 300
The overall topic of the second European missiology conference, which took place between the 22nd and 26th August 2002 at the Francke Foundation (Franckesche Stiftungen) in Halle, Germany, was, from the outset, a necessary but riskily ambitious one. ‘Mission’, ‘postmodernity’ and ‘Europe’, are all large and highly contestable subjects in their own right. Put them together and the danger is that you end up with a series of imponderable ideas passing each other in the night. It is a credit to the individual .

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Sek 2010 1040 En
sek 2010 1040 en
5.2.1. Assessment of policy option 0: Status Quo _18 5.2.2. Assessment of policy option 1: A total ban on sales of the substances to members of the general public, irrespective of concentration levels _18 5.2.3. Assessment of policy option 2: A ban on sales of the substances in all concentrations and quantities over the internet_19 5.2.4. Assessment of policy option 3: A ban on sales to the general public if the substance is above a specific concentration limit _19 5.2.5. Assessment of policy option 4a: A.

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