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Pemilu Datang Lagi
pemilu datang lagi
We hope that the efforts undertaken by Landak district, in inviting other ethnic groups – Malay - to the indigenous peoples’ congress may become an inspiration for others. The celebrations of AMAN’s anniversary by different groups such as BPRPI, youth groups of Bengkulu, AMASUTA (the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of Central Sulawesi), and AMA Toraya (the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of Toraya) who also invited other ethnic groups, are other ways to strengthen the indigenous peoples’ struggle. @

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Penyelesaian Sengketa Dagang Dalam Wto
penyelesaian sengketa dagang dalam wto
In pursuance of the Doha Work Programme, some of the co-sponsors have submitted certain proposals to the Special Session of the Committee on Trade and Development on the Special and Differential Treatment provisions including those relating to the DSU. These proposals are contained in documents TN/CTD/W/2, which was cosponsored by Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mauritius, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe and TN/CTD/W/6, which was tabled by India. These .

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Electronic Voting Counting Technologies Rumah Pemilu
electronic voting counting technologies rumah pemilu
The factors which may push one nation towards an electronic voting or counting technology may not be present for another nation, or may indicate a different solution. The challenges of moving paper ballots around large countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan make the use of electronic voting technologies potentially beneficial on logistical grounds. The existence of a smart ID card with digital signature for the majority of the population in Estonia makes the use of Internet voting more feasible in Estonia.

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Putusan 055 Puu 2004 (uu Pemilu) Eng
putusan 055 puu 2004 (uu pemilu) eng
Considering whereas the Petitioner as an individual person in his capacity as the Chairman of the Branch Executive Board (DPC) of the Vanguard Party of Merauke Regency, with a decision of the District Court of Merauke Number 01/Pid.S/2004 has been sentenced to two (2) months’ imprisonment and imposed with a penalty of five hundred thousand rupiah (Rp 500,000), on the charge of violating Article 71 Paragraph (3) in conjunction with Article 138 Paragraph (3) of the General Election Law, and that against .

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Differential Equity And/or Moral Renewal Pemilu Asia
differential equity and/or moral renewal pemilu asia
{This report was for me the first serious attempt at trying to consider where the crisis would take Indonesia. At the time I do not think the term Reformasi had yet been popularized. In my mind the term to describe this need for renewal would be “pembaharuan”, rather than the bastardized English term reformasi that did emerge. In my view the depth of suffering that would occur through this emerging crisis was such that people would be forced to engage in some kind of introspection as they seek to .

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