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Youth, Sexuality And Sex Education Messages Indonesia: Issues
youth, sexuality and sex education messages indonesia: issues
., and numerous activities in Java, where half the population of Indonesia live, were directed at adolescents. Since the fall of the.

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The Masculinisation Of The Sex Ratio In Indonesia
the masculinisation of the sex ratio in indonesia
. example, John Graunt (reported in Rowland 2003:77) analysed the sex ratio in England as early as 1662 and belied the. emigration to the American colonies could justify polygamy. Information on sex ratio of a population provides an important topic of analysis. equity in access to work and income (Rowland 2003:77). Sex ratio is usually defined as the ratio of the number. more researchers are tending to prefer the term ‘genderratio’ to ‘sex ratio’ (Rowland, 2003:88), but in the present paper, the.

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Hubungan Infeksi Cacing Dan Alergi Pada Wanita Hamil
hubungan infeksi cacing dan alergi pada wanita hamil
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Bss Indonesia 2000: Female Sex Workers And Male Groups
bss indonesia 2000: female sex workers and male groups
.Introduction The growing number of HIV/AIDS cases in Indonesia has challenged policy makers to take urgent steps to implement . efforts aimed at promoting abstinence, encouraging people to have fewer sex partners, and increasing the use of condoms. Between 1996 and. (FHI), USAID, and non- governmental organizations in seaport cities of Indonesia (notably, North Jakarta, Surabaya, and Manado) to implement the HIV.

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