Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy Of Ecstasy

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Sexual Secrets The Alchemy Ecastsy Index
sexual secrets the alchemy ecastsy index
We introduced the concept of androgyny, the male and female within each of us. Any discussion of the Tantric view of Shakti as the exalted female principle automatically calls to mind her counterpart, Shiva, the exalted male principle. In the central part of this book we exp l o r e the m e a n i n g of Shiva from a transcendental viewpoint. H e r e we shall briefly examine the relationship b e t w e e n Shiva and Shakti, so the reader may recognize the exalted male principle within. Finally, the .

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Secret Fire In Alchemy - Garstin - Alchemy Study Program
secret fire in alchemy - garstin - alchemy study program
. endeavoured broadly to indicate the Telestic or Perfecting ground of Alchemy in its Spiritual aspect. In the present short treatise the.

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Sexual Rocket Fuel: Secrets Of Sexual Nutrition
sexual rocket fuel: secrets of sexual nutrition
None of the information contained in this Mini-Course Should Be Taken or Construed as Medical Advice – The Concepts, Foods, Herbs, Herbal Formulas, Vitamins and Supplements are provided strictly for Information Purposes only. They are not meant as treatment or diagnosis for ANY MEDICAL CONDITION nor are they a substitute for professional medical care. Please consult your licensed health care provider before engaging in any form of physical exercise program or beginning any regimen listed in this course. .

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Secrets For Sexual Stamina: Summary
secrets for sexual stamina: summary
. physical fitness and health that is not conducive to incredible sexual stamina. Let me tell you something that may shock you. facing big health problems as a society. A lack of sexual stamina is largely just another by product of the “junk.

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Alchemy The Secret Work The Hermetic Philosophy E-Learning
alchemy the secret work the hermetic philosophy e-learning
18. Perfect Bodies as Sol and Luna are endued with a perfect seed; and therefore under the hard crust of the perfect Metals the Perfect Seed lies hid; and he that knows how to take it out by the Philosophers' Solution, hath entered upon the royal highway; forIn Gold the seeds of Gold do lie, Though buried in Obscurity. 19. Most Philosophers have affirmed that their Kingly Work is wholly composed of Sol and Luna; others have thought good to add Mercury to Sol; some have chosen Sulphur and Mercury; others .

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