Silabus Kompetensi Kejuruan Teknik Otomasi Industri

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Silabus Teknik Lingkungan 2009 2014 Rptml
silabus teknik lingkungan 2009 2014 rptml
. Jumlah sks/Total of credits SEMESTER III 1 RE 092303 Teknik Remediasi Lingkungan Tercemar Remediation Engineering For Polluted Environment 2 Daftar.

Language: english
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Industrial Fuses And Curves Protek Teknik
industrial fuses and curves protek teknik
Direct-on-line start (7 x FLC for 10 sec) Maximum Fuse-link motor rating (amperes) gG gM In 2 0,6 4 1,3 6 2,3 10 4,1 16 6,0 20 7,9 25 20M25 10 32 20M32 13 40 32M40 18 50 32M50 26 63 32M63 30 80 63M80 40 100 63M100 54 125 100M125 61 160 100M160 82 200 110 250 200M250 150 315 200M315 170 355* 315M400* 200 400 315M400* 240 450* 400M500* 280 500 400M500* 310 560* 350 630 380 670* 420 710* 450 750* 480 800 510 * Current ratings additional to BS88. Assisted start (3,5 x FLC for 20 sec) Maximum Fuse-link motor .

Language: english
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Mekanika Teknik Industri
mekanika teknik industri
Language: english
PDF pages: 141, PDF size: 3.22 MB
Definisi Teknik Industri
definisi teknik industri
Manajemen: Proses membuat sesuatu terjadi secara efektif dan efisien melalui dan dengan orang lain (the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiently, through and with other people). Efisiensi: berarti mengerjakan tugas dengan benar, mengacu pada hubungan antara masukan dan luaran, berusaha meminimasi biaya sumber daya (means doing the task correctly; refers to the relationship between inputs and outputs; seek to minimize resource cost). Efektifitas: berarti mengerjakan tugas yang benar, .

Language: english
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Plagiarism Teknik Industri
plagiarism teknik industri
elf-plagiarizing - using one paper for more than one class without the permission of your professors making up sources making up bibliographic or citation information (page numbers, etc.) using photographs, video, or audio without permission or acknowledgment translating from one language to another without properly citing the original source copying computer programs or other technical information without acknowledgment failing to acknowledge sources of oral presentation, slides, or Web projects

Language: english
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