Sir Al Asrar (secret Of Secrets)

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sir robert anderson secret service theologian biography
. for a brief word of introduction to this Memoir of Sir Robert Anderson, to whom I have long been indebted, not.

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asrar-i-khudi (the secrets of self)
.THE Asrar-i-Khudi was first published at Lahore in 1915. I . extremely interesting notes communicated by himself. Of this, however, the Asrar-i-Khudi gives no systematic account, though it puts his.

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secret history of sir walter rawleigh
Rawleigh exercised in perfection incompatible talents, and his character connects the opposite extremes of our nature! His “book of life,” with its incidents of prosperity and adversity, of glory and humiliation, was as chequered as the novelist would desire for a tale of fiction. Yet in this mighty genius there lies an unsuspected disposition, which requires to be demonstrated, before it is possible to conceive its reality. From his earliest days he betrayed the genius of an adventurer, which prevailed in.

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the secret voyage of sir francis drake
.-ton bark Judith when they departed Africa." (Bawlf, The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake,12).

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lataif of heart sir sir naqsbandi secrets of the heart
Ibrahim is called the intimate friend, and he was an intimate friend (khalîl), because he was penetrated (takhallal) and gathered all the qualities of the Divine Essence. The poet says: You pervaded the course of my spirit, and that is why the intimate friend is called the intimate friend. It is like the colour which permeates the coloured, so it is a non-essential matter (‘arad) in respect to its essential substance (jawhar), and it is not like the place and that which it occupies. Or it means the .

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