Sistem Pembakaran Mesin Sepeda Motor

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1) Substantial carbon deposit in the cylinder would reduce the cylinder dimension and air input quantity, and would block the incoming valve and exhaust valve. This may prevent full combustion of oil gas compound and may reduce fuel burning efficiency. Rate of fuel consumption would seriously increase, and engine power would obviously weaken. It would also reduce cooling effect of engine. If heat conduction performance is bad, then the heat conduction coefficient would only be 1/50 times at cast iron or .

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rekayasa pengaturan motor dc dengan sistem modulasi lebar pulsa 4
Abstract Maximal Frequent Sequences (MFS) are the longest sequences that can be formed and still occur frequently in a document collection. A sequence can be considered to be frequent if it appears in at least documents, where is the frequency threshold given. MFS can be used to represent the content of a document. MFS can also be used for indexing purposes complementing the usual termbased indexing method. In this paper, we evaluated the suitability of MFS in improving the document ranking system .

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