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1119/1 Bahasa Inggeris
1119/1 bahasa inggeris
Candidates need to read and understand the article in order to answer the question. Some candidates chose option C as they might have thought that the first sentence was the main idea of the article and therefore the answer. Candidates who were able to link the key part of the article ‘When the Buying Stops, The Killings Can Too’ to the question ‘what people can do to protect endangered animals’ could identify the correct option which isQuestion 2 There are a few difficult words in the advertisement. .

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1119/2 Bahasa Inggeris
1119/2 bahasa inggeris
Candidates in the Low Achievement Group Candidates lacked the language competence and gave Sections A and C the minimum treatment. There was high density of serious errors which caused blurring in meaning and in some places, meaning was hardly comprehensible. In extreme cases, candidates merely copied the rubric or the summary passage or did not attempt the question. However, Section B did offer some opportunity for the candidates to answer because the content was provided, but this was merely a .

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Jue 102 - Bahasa Inggeris I
jue 102 - bahasa inggeris i
Despite advances have been made in diagnosing and treating many forms of cancer, A B many people die unnecessarily due to lack of screening. C D Many deserving students have benefited of various government programmes that A B offer financial assistance for college study . C D Fusion cuisine is a mixed style ofcooking that combine elements of Asian cooking A B C with those of western cooking. D Today's laptop computer can perform as much calculations per microsecond as it A B took a computer the size of .

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Bahasa Inggeris Get Free Blog
bahasa inggeris get free blog
A very good morning to En .Kama bin Hasan, principal of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dinding, dearest teachers and my fellow friends. I Mohd Hafiz the president of the Science Club stand before you today to deliver a talk regarding a Science reference book that I have found very useful and may come in handy to all form five students of this school. I hope I can have your undivided attention for the next half hour as I proceed to explain how and why this book can benefit us as well as the teachers. I came .

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Bahasa Inggeris Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia
bahasa inggeris kementerian pelajaran malaysia
INTRODUCTION English is taught as a second language in all Malaysian primary and secondary schools in the country. The terminal goal of the English language curriculum for schools is to help learners acquire the language so that they can use it in their everyday life, to further their studies, and for work purposes. English is important, as with globalization, Malaysians will need to be proficient in the language and to communicate with people in other countries. The use of English in Information and .

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