Skripsi Analisis Tingkat Pendapatan Pedagang

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isminellita analisis distribusi pendapatan masyarakat nelayan
This two aspects constitute an effort to eradicate poverty as well aseliminate income imbalance of group having high income and lower income. One of most effective way in achieving such aim is by encouraging development on other area. In equal or unbalance of the distribution of development result around fisherman community it can be reflected through the income distribution. The measurement applied to valuate the income distribution is by Gini Index criterian accords to H.T. Oshima and World Bank .

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bhisma herlambang analisis pengaruh pendapatan perkapita dan
With the availability of saving, the development activity can be implemented. saving increase shows that society saving is as the fund resources for the countries which are considered potential in order to support development implemented. The amount number of society saving is influenced by income per capita and inflation in which has positive influenced and inflation has negative influenced toward the development of the number of saving. It means that if the income per capita increases, that it will .

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analisis faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi tingkat pengembalian
SRI is a state-owned bank operational in "Retail and Microbanking" business.' This scription discusses one of microbanking pruducs forms of BRI Unit, i.e., Kupedes. "Kupedes" is served in BRI Unit in zwo types: Kupedes of work capital and Kupedes for employees with regular income. Recently "Kupedes" is served in maximum 60 months ofloan period and maximum platform is Rp. 100 juta, The Method used in analyzing data is quantitative analysis by simple regression technic approach.

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analisis pengaruh dana alokasi umum (dau) dan pendapatan asli
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