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PROJECT TITLE: Actuated human skeleton CAN PROJECT BE COMPLETED IN THE 1st SEMESTER? No DIRECTION: STUDENT: DESCRIPTION: The idea of this project is to create a technology demonstrator that can be used for exhibits in biomedical engineering. Such exhibits are typically required on open days when prospective students and their parents visit the Department. It is always preferred to have interactive displays of technology that the visitors can relate to and remember, and the outcome of this project can .

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PROJECT TITLE: Development of a dynamic in-vitro test bench (Biomechanics) CAN PROJECT BE COMPLETED IN THE 1st SEMESTER? (Yes/No) DIRECTION: STUDENT: DESCRIPTION: A test rig, on which a cadaver leg can be flexed while the muscles are tensioned, has been designed and built. Although dynamic flexion can be simulated, static muscle loads are applied with the aid of a pulley-weight system. The aim of this project will be to design and implement a system which will enable the muscles to be loaded dynamically .

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