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2.1. Semantic The term semantics is derived from Greek verb Semanio that means to mean or to signify the word. The word semantic has ultimately prevailed as a name for the doctrine of meaning, in particular of linguistic meaning. Semantics is study of how person responds to words and other symbols. In addition, the term semantic is mentioned as one of linguistic branches, which is crucial part of overall linguistic competence. This statement is crucial to the Chomskyan goal of describing and accounting for.

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. of humanities and culture, the state of Islamic university of Malang is truly original work of mine. It does not published.

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In William Wordsworth, the researcher finds some metaphors that need interpretation deeply to help understanding for the readers. However, in Riffaterre theory, the metaphors happen with displacing (displacing, when the sign shifts from one meaning to another), when one word “stands for” another, as happens with metaphors and metonymy16. Semiotic theory will help the researcher to find the meaning and the significance of the metaphorical expressions of Wordsworth’s poems. Related with Riffaterre’s .

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This thesis is dedicated to: The researcher’s beloved father and mother Kartono and Siti Aisyah (Thanks for their endless loves, prays, and supports) The researcher’s big family in Samarinda, Madiun, Pekalongan, and Sumatera Their smiles give a beautiful life for the researcher All the researcher’s lecturers Thanks so much in giving the researcher knowledge, unforgettable experiences, and supports All the researcher’s friends In English Letters and Language Department Special for: I’am (for being with the.

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