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pemeriksaan sederhana lapangan pph pasal
This research was conducted at the Tax Office Primary Serang Banten. The research object is the ratio of individual income tax return income tax payable under Section 25 Overpayment of tax payers and after examination by tax inspectors from the year 2003-2007. The research used descriptive research methods and verification. The results (1) the verification shows that there is difference in improving taxpayer compliance corporate income tax overpayment of Article 25 which after a simple inspection, (2) .

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spt tahunan pph 1771 direktorat jenderal pajak
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE COMPLETION PDF FORM 1771This form is in compliance with the Director General of Taxes Decree No. Per34/PJ/2010 about Income Tax Annual Return Form and General Instructions and can only be used for completion of income tax annual return form tax year 2010 and onwards. The Tax Return shall be signed by the Taxpayer or his/her authorized proxy/representative and paper should not be folded or rumpled. For printing use the HVS paper size :Folio/Government Legal (8,5 X 13 inch);.

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