Sni 03 2853 1995

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Nº 03 Otoño 1995
nº 03 otoño 1995
RESUMEN En este trabajo se desarrolla y estima un modelo para explicar los motivos por los cuales algunos países europeos prosperaron más rápidamente que otros en el período 18601910. El modelo cuantifica por dos vías distintas los factores que contribuyeron a las diferencias de ingreso entre España y Gran Bretaña. Los determinantes que se consideran más significativos son los recursos naturales, la política económica y la herencia cultural reflejada en los niveles educativos. ABSTRACT A model is .

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Sni 03-3989-2000
sni 03-3989-2000
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Sp 95-03.pdf - Sp 95-03 July 1995 Interactive Video Teleconference
sp 95-03.pdf - sp 95-03 july 1995 interactive video teleconference
This report is a publication of the Cornell Cooperative Enterprise Program (CEP). The CEP is based in the Department of Agricultural, Resource and Managerial Economics (A.R.M.E.) in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. The authors of the report, BrianHenehan and RobertCampbell are respectively an Extension Associate in the Department of Agricultural, Resource and Managerial Economics and an agricultural writer/editor. Henehan served as project director for the Cooperation .

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National Standards (sni 03-1726-2002) Uncrd Hyogo Office
national standards (sni 03-1726-2002) uncrd hyogo office
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Sec News Digest, 03-14-1995
sec news digest, 03-14-1995
. this action. certain defendants agreed to return by March 20, 1995, to the U.S. funds received from u.S. investors., provisions of a Temporary Restraining Order imposed on March 2, 1995, including an asset freeze and an order for an accounting.

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