Sni 07 6398 2000

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Sni 03-3989-2000
sni 03-3989-2000
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Minutes - 07-25-2000
minutes - 07-25-2000
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07/00/2000 Boston-Worcester-Lawrence, Ma-Nh-Me-Ct
07/00/2000 boston-worcester-lawrence, ma-nh-me-ct
2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Room 4175, Washington, DC 20212–0001, or call (202) 691–6199, or send e-mail to The data contained in this bulletin are also available at, the BLS Internet site. Data are in three formats: An ASCII file containing the published table formats; an ASCII file containing positional columns of data for manipulation as a data base or spreadsheet; and a Portable Document Format (PDF) file containing the entire bulletin. Results of .

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07/15/2000 North Dallas Gazette
07/15/2000 north dallas gazette
engineered approval for After urges from the business ten, decisions have dismissal. community to solicit the help of been made, tempers Along with the teacher pay raises. have flared, and a decision to dis "It's time to g o / business and educational leaders in [ , ^ o o l district is left misSy, Rojas said Rojas in his the search, the board elected to \^^mout* a superintendent—again. r e s i g n a t i o n appoint a superintendent selection re" c e i V e s Jjjust weeks before his one-year $90,.

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07-19-2000 - Board Of Public Works
07-19-2000 - board of public works
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