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sma-based muscle-like actuation biologically inspired robots:
.-electric fiber composites, electro-active polymers and shape memory alloys (SMA) are being investigated as promising alternatives to standard servomotor technology.]. This paper focuses on the use of SMAs for building muscle-like actuators. SMAs are extremely cheap, easily available commercially and have. very interesting alternative to the mechanisms used by conventional actuators. SMAs allow to drastically reduce the size, weight and complexity of. control strategies and proper mechanical arrangements can dramatically improve on SMA performance, mostly in terms of actuation speed and limit cycles.

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smn biology and therapeutics strategies families sma
econdary Objectives • To determine the inhibitory concentration (IC50) of RG3039 for DcpS activity in peripheral blood cells (PBMC) of healthy volunteers • To correlate single dose RG3039 PK with a panel of molecular biomarkers Study Population and Treatment • 4 cohorts of 8 healthy volunteers (6 drug, 2 placebo) • Dose levels: 0.1 mg/kg, 0.3 mg/kg, 1 mg/kg, and 3 mg/kg Safety Results • • • No vital signs, QTc, physical exam, or neuro exam changes at any dose No hematology, lab chemistries, or urinalysis .

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