Sociologia Para O Ensino Médio De Nelson Dacio Tomazi

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Estratégia Para O Ensino De Embriologia Humana
estratégia para o ensino de embriologia humana
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Objetos Digitais Para O Ensino De Informática
objetos digitais para o ensino de informática
Language: english
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Actuaciones De La Direccin General De Medio Ambiente Para
actuaciones de la direccin general de medio ambiente para
The main objectives of the Council of Europe are to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law and to seek common solutions to the main problems facing European society today. The Organisation is active in environment protection and in promoting sustainable development in line with the Recommendation Rec (2002) 1 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to Members States on the Guiding Principles for sustainable spatial development of the European continent (GPSSDEC), previously .

Language: english
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Investigaciones Del Sitio Para Repositorios De Bajo Y Medio Nivel
investigaciones del sitio para repositorios de bajo y medio nivel
 The behavior and fate of 99Tc released from the altered spent nuclear fuel is of great importance in the assessment of the performance of nuclear waste repositories.  The salts of Tc(VII), which is the stable in oxidation state under non-reducing conditions, are in general very soluble.  The high mobility of the TcO4- anion must, therefore, be considered as long time hazardous compound for the biosphere.

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