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Sub. 153 Ohio General Assembly
sub. 153 ohio general assembly
7.10. For the publication of advertisements, notices, and proclamations, except those relating to proposed amendments to the Ohio constitution Constitution, required to be published by a public officer of the state, county, municipal corporation, township, school, a benevolent or other public institution, or by a trustee, assignee, executor, or administrator, or by or in any court of record, except when the rate is otherwise fixed by law, publishers of newspapers may charge and receive for such .

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Sub Head Central Public Works Department
sub head central public works department
. in this Analysis of Rates for Delhi 2012. Two new Sub Heads pertaining to Rain Water Harvesting & Tube wells, and. consisting of new analysis of rates for items in these Sub heads.

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Sub. 153 Legislative Service Commission
sub. 153 legislative service commission
This analysis is arranged by state agency, beginning with the Department of Administrative Services and continuing in alphabetical order. Items that do not directly involve an agency are located under the agency that has regulatory authority over the item, or otherwise deals with the subject matter of the item. The analysis includes a Local Government category and a Retirement category and ends with a Miscellaneous category. Within each category, a summary of the items appears first (in the form of dot .

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Sub/broad Title Andronikos
sub/broad title andronikos
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Sub Date Section Of Date Ein Taxpayer Name Sort Name Address City
sub date section of date ein taxpayer name sort name address city
Language: english
PDF pages: 615, PDF size: 8.16 MB
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